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SMP-100 - Laser Printing Machine (body) - Smart Printer


Corkstoppers (natural/agglomerated) personalised engraving, by laser technology.

General Characteristics:
- Branding the cork stoppers body, through digital images, using laser technology
- Possibility of branding images, logos, complex pictures and multiple levels of grey 
- Allows different types of information on the surface of the cork stopper: information from the manufacturer, the cork origin, serial number for traceability purposes, advertising information, customization, etc
- Branding proccess through laser is tottally harmless to the cork stoppers, once there is no contact of these with the mark itself
- Agile branding system, suitable for a large mix of products and small series
- Quick and intuitive mechanical adjustment for different sizes of cork stoppers: using a lap counter we are able to eliminate the use of tools and drastically reduce the set up times
- Equipment allows vectorial branding or raster bitmap (allowed extensions: bmp, jpeg, dxf, png)
- Image resolution for laser branding must be between 150-160 dpi's (dot per inch)