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IVE-300 - Electronic Sorter Equipment for Cork Stoppers Inspections (Body and Tops)


- Color image acquiring and processing (high resolution digital cameras)
- Laser sensor for detection of critical defects and tridimensional processing
- Innovative light system of high efficiency and totally self adjusted
- High precision sorting of qualities and at the same time smart identification of critical defects (body and tops)
- Identification and sorting of all typical defects for natural cork stoppers in cork industry (’yellow spot’, ‘wood’, ‘blue spot’, ‘dry year´, ‘green’, ‘bark’, ‘belly’ and ‘cracks’)
- Detection of defects on top rectifying and chamfers
- Sorting without stain penalties
- Total of ten configurable sorting outputs (possible to increase)
- Different programming modes: intelligent, automatic, learning, dimensions,etc
- Sorting program and production management functionality
- 0,1 mm precision in length and diameter measures
- Auto adjustable systems (setup 0)
- User friendly 17’’ touch screen interface
- Image processing by high performance industrial computer
- Control based on programmable logic controller
- Feeding systems control through the touch screen

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