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TIR-200 - Electronic Sorting Machine for rounded stopper or chanfered stopper (body and top)


- This equipment avoids cork stoppers with critical problems/defects on your customer 
- Operates with corks (standard version) from Ø 19 to 24 mm and length 21 to 38 mm 
- Equipment can operate with different cork stoppers dimensions - through project 
- For final selection of rounded or chamfered stoppers 
- Equipment acquires each cork stopper body and top images 
- Detecting different types of defects: different color (eg within a washed stoppers class), broken corners, low mass, cracks and other critics defects, wrong dimensions within the same class, wrong made chamfer 
- Suitable equipment to be positioned before a Bar Top Producing Machine (ex.: CAP-100) 
- Equipment provides two outputs: rejected stoppers and acceptable stoppers 
- Color image acquisition made by high speed color digital camera 
- Image processing for subsequent classification of stopper, in colors 
- Image processing by industrial computer with high performance 
- Equipment auto-tuning (no need for image regulation in acquisi- tion devices) 
- User-friendly touch screen interface with 17” 
- Control based on programmable logic controller