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MTP-FA - Treatment Machine Type Passat - Full Automatic


1. Function: Cork stoppers treatment (coating) with automatic dosing of several products (paraffin, silicone, BOPSIL, SWAN, etc)
2. Capacity: 10.000, 20.000 or 30.000 stoppers / cycle of treatment (for corks 45x24 mm)
3. Automatic loading and unloading of equipment
2. Heating and dedusting system
4. Automatic injection of multiple products
5. High precision on products dosing (resolution of 1 gramme)
6. User-friendly software based on the batch concept
7. Dosing system based on load cells technology, special spray nozzles and special hose lines
8. Full stainless steel construction (optional)

For further information, please read the Product Technical Sheet available on this page.