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our past

Azevedos Indústria was founded in 1964 and it was an industrial company that aimed the production of equipment for the textile, shoes and cork transformation industries. The growing of the business and the fact that the company was settled in a region dedicated to the transformation of cork products leaded the activity of Azevedos Indústria to the production of equipments to the cork business sector.

Historic evolution

1960 - 1970
1964 - creation of the company "Fernando da Silva Azevedo"
1965 - launching of the stripe and "desbarrigar" machines
1969 - launching of automatic punching machine

1970 - 1980
1970 - launching of the double top rectifying machine
1972 - moving operations for new facilities
1972 - launching of the "passat" type treatment machines
1973 - changing the company name for "Serralharia Mecânica Azevedo"

1980 - 1990
1984 - expansion and upgrade of facilities
1989 - 25 years of business

1990 - 2000
1990 - expansion and upgrade of facilities
1992 - incorporation of industrial computers technology in several machine's families
1996 - launching of the ink branding machines (body)
1997 - changing the company name for "Azevedos Indústria, S.A."
1998 - industrial modernization and improvement program

2000 - Nowadays
2001 - launching of automatic stripe machine
2001 - quality certification according ISO standards
2004 - changing of corporate image
2004 - launching of cap machine
2006 - launching of the electrical technology for the printer machines